Announcement RTS Release 8.7v2.0 (10/28/2016)

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Over the weekend of October 28, 2016, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) will update the Registration and Title System (RTS) with Release 8.7 that contains the following content. 


  • Registration Processing and Handling Fee:TxDMV has restructured registration related fees into a single $4.75 processing and handling fee (P&H). The P&H fee will be assessed only on registrations and renewals that expire on or after January 31, 2017 and the renewal notices for these registrations will reflect the P&H fee. Counties and deputies will see registration renewals with and without the P&H fee during this transition period.

The new P&H fee includes compensation for the counties, limited and full-service deputies, and dealer deputies. County compensation will change for 2017 registration expirations and 2016 registration expirations renewed late with an invalid reason in 2017. Compensation amounts will not change for 2016 registration expirations renewed on time or late with an valid reason.

The P&H fee affects full service deputies who process registrations that expire on or after January 31, 2017 by allowing them to retain $1.00 of the $4.75 P&H fee. Limited service deputies who process registrations that expire on or after January 31, 2017 will no longer charge the $1.00 compensation fee but will retain $1.00 from the $4.75 P&H fee. Note that limited service deputies may continue to charge the $1.00 compensation fee for registrations that expire on or before December 31, 2016.

To assist the counties with balancing their cash drawers when compensation from deputies exists, a new Countywide Compensation Report has been added and changes have been made to the Countywide Payment Type Report, Payment Report, and other closeout reports. These reports can be run to show the source of money breakdown between the fees collected for cash drawer and non-cash drawer transactions.

  • Centralized Printing and Mailing for Online Renewals:  TxDMV is centralizing the registration renewal process by contracting with a vendor to print and mail registration renewal receipts and stickers for motorists whose registration expires January 2017 and later. (Note that motorists whose registration expires January 2017 and later may begin the renewal process as early as November 2016.)

There is no change for online registration renewals that expire December 2016 and earlier. These renewals will continue to be processed by the county.

The vendor will begin processing online renewals after a two business day hold. This hold allows time for counties to review the renewals, and for those counties with a scofflaw system outside of RTS, to decline the transactions.

Customers with a January 2017 or later registration who renew their registration online will be able to track the progress of their renewal to see when it is processed, printed, and mailed at

TxDMV has created a new virtual workstation (Workstation 99) for each county in order to balance transactions processed through centralized fulfillment. TxDMV closes out this workstation automatically. However, the county will need to run the Transaction Reconciliation and Funds reports for Workstation 99 from the county’s Batch Server.

  • “Needs” Plate Replacement Program Elimination: TxDMV will eliminate the mandatory replacement of license plates at seven years in November 2016. Registration renewal notices for January 2017 and later will no longer contain the NEW PLATES REQUIRED remark and RTS will no longer prompt for new plates during registration renewals regardless of the expiration date.
  • Vehicle Location Address Removed from Registration Renewal Receipt: TxDMV will remove the Vehicle Location Address section on renewal receipts beginning in November 2016. The location address was visible in the window of the envelope used to mail the registration renewal receipt, which lead to instances where that address was incorrectly scanned by the post office resulting in the registration receipt being returned as undeliverable. (Note that the Vehicle Location Address will continue to be captured in RTS).
  • Daily Renewal Notices Eliminated:  The RTS POS and Internet Vehicle Title and Registration Service applications will no longer trigger another registration renewal notice if an address change is completed within the renewal window or requested by the customer.

For detailed information about the items listed above and additional enhancements and issue resolutions after the release has been deployed, please refer to the Release Notes tab on the TAC Hub ( or the RTS Refactoring Resources page (



The Cognos Reports FAQs document on the RTS Refactoring Resources page ( was recently updated with a tip about only clicking the Run button one time to prevent issues occurring when the button was pushed multiple times and how to run multiple reports in tabs.

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