April 2016 Motor Vehicle Registration Manual Update

Please review and distribute as appropriate.

The latest update to the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual (attached) is now available via Registration and Title System (RTS) workstations and at www.txdmv.gov.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to email any comments or suggestions to
VTR_Title_Reg-Manual-Update@txdmv.gov (please note the underscore between VTR and Title and Title and Reg).

Updates for this release are marked with red change bars in the text.

The following are brief highlights of some of the chapters updated in the April 2016 revision.

Chapter 5 – Emissions
Section 5.1, “Motor Vehicle Emissions Inspection Maintenance Requirements,” was updated regarding the issuance of a One-Trip Permit to vehicles when there is a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality Emissions Program Non-Compliance remark on the record. Issuance is acceptable with a RTS Authorization Code issued by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Regional Service Centers.

Chapter 7 – Farm Vehicles
Section 7.4, “Commercial Motor Vehicles Used on the Farm Offense;” Section 7.6, “Farm Vehicles Excess Weight;” and Section 7.7, “Farm Vehicles,” were all updated to clarify review of the Ag/Timber permit when issuing or renewing Farm license plates. The name on the Ag/Timber permit does not have to be an exact match to the name on the motor vehicle record. The county only needs to be able to associate the name on the Ag/Timber permit to the name on the motor vehicle record. Examples were provided in these sections.

Chapter 14 – Application for Registration
Section 14.6, “Registration Year,” was updated to include the definition of a “new” vehicle as it pertains to two-year vehicle inspections and issuance of 24 months of registration. This information was also added to Section 22.10, “Two-Year Inspection and 24 Months of Registration,” in Chapter 22.

Section 14.6 was also updated to remove reference to the VI-30. This document was replaced by the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) for vehicle identification number verification purposes with “Two Steps, One Sticker.” Reference to the VI-30 was also removed in Section 13.4, “Expired License Plates,” in Chapter 13.

Chapter 19 – Military Specialty License Plates
Table 19-1, “Military and Disabled Veteran License Plate Quick Reference,” was removed. A new Table 19-1, “Application Forms for Military and Disabled Veteran License Plates,” was added. Section 19.2, “General Application Procedures,” and Section 19.4, “Exemption from Parking Fees,” were updated to reflect the new military license plates from the 84th Legislative Session. These plates were also updated in Section 3.13, “Parking Privileges,” in Chapter 3.

Chapter 20 – Restricted Distribution Specialty License Plates
Section 20.1, “Restricted Plates Quick Reference,” was updated to include the new Deaf Driver Awareness specialty license plate. Section 20.2, “Deaf Driver Awareness,” was added to include information regarding this specialty license plate issued to individuals that are deaf or hard of hearing.

Chapter 22 – Inspection Verification
This entire chapter was revised to accommodate changes for Single Sticker Phase II. Some highlights of this chapter include Section 22.2, “Inspection Verification Time Frames,” which was added to specifically outline the statutory time frames required for inspection at time of initial registration and renewal. A new quick reference chart was also added to this section that outlines these time frames.

Section 22.9, “Dealer Out-of-State Sales,” was added to include the new feature under the Status Change event in RTS, which accommodates the collection of the buyer tag and/or inspection fees for vehicles not titled and registered in Texas.

Section 22.11, “Inspection Refunds,” was added and outlines the refund process for inspection when applicable.

Thank you,

Jeremiah Kuntz, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR communication process, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.


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