Dealer Training Seminar in Waco, Texas

Motor Vehicle Dealers and Industry:

We are pleased to announce our Dealer Training Seminar on February 16th, 2017, in Waco, Texas. This presentation will be a broad overview of the rules and regulations surrounding the motor vehicle dealer industry.

Representatives from our Enforcement and VTR divisions will provide valuable information on dealer operations and titling requirements. We will also have a representative from the Texas Office of Consumer Credit Commissioner who will provide instruction on financing options for dealers. This information is beneficial for any parties interested in becoming a dealer as well as the seasoned independent and franchise dealers seeking new information affecting the regulations associated with the motor vehicle dealer industry.

We are excited to have you join us, to learn and discuss issues that concern you and your business.

Thank you;

Joel Curry, Special Projects Coordinator

Enforcement Division Texas Department of Motor Vehicles




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Dealer Training Seminar in Waco, Texas

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