Password Reset Reminder

Good afternoon,

On July 24, 2017, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) updated the login security for the eTAG system. If you are experiencing issues resetting your eTAG password, please be sure your new password meets the password complexity requirements listed below and do not use your username or common names as your password.   Once you have met the requirements that are in red below, all the requirements bullets will turn green and you must click “Submit”.  Be sure to not click on “Reset”.

Password Requirements:

  • Must be at least eight (8) characters long
  • Must contain at least one (1) capital letter
  • Must contain at least one (1) number
  • Must contain at least one (1) of special characters

Note:  You may only use the following special characters: ~`!@#$%()_-‘{.}

Best regards,


TxDMV Service Desk

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

IT Services Division

3800 Jackson Ave

Austin, TX 78731

(512) 465-4010

(877) 933-2020

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Password Reset Reminder

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