Publication of the Salvage/Nonrepairable Vehicle Manual

Please review and distribute as appropriate.

The Salvage/Nonrepairable Vehicle Manual was a publication previously produced by the department under a similar name and last updated in July 2011.  The department received requests to update this manual, and we are pleased to provide the manual for your use once again.

This publication brings the manual up-to-date with current statute, department policies and procedures, and is consistent with the format of the Title Manual.  As a result of this publication, changes will be made to the Title Manual to eliminate duplicate information. 

The Salvage/Nonrepairable Manual (attached) is now available via RTS workstations and at  In the future, the Salvage/Nonrepairable Vehicle Manual will be updated regularly and changes will be identified in a manner consistent with Title Manual and Registration Manual updates.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to email your comments and suggestions to (please note the underscore between VTR and Title and another underscore between Title and Reg).

Thank you,

Tim Thompson, Deputy Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this VTR communication process, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.

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