Recent RTS Release Communication


As discussed at TxDMV Day on April 14th, the TxDMV is working to develop a release schedule that targets mid-month deployment dates in order to avoid first of the month or end of the month releases whenever possible. Yesterday we distributed a notice announcing an RTS update scheduled to be deployed Thursday, April, 28, 2016 for ELT Lienholders, and Saturday April 30, 2016 for 7-character DV plates. 


Please know that the reason for proceeding with an end of month deployment was due to the large number of lienholders being impacted and the expectation that the defined process already in existence would be followed for this release.  You can find the existing process for lienholders at  Lienholder updates are done at least quarterly and do not change any RTS application code.  We will be working with current and future lienholders to communicate changes to this process and move as much as we can to the middle of the month on future releases.


The 7-character DV plate release was necessary due to a shortage of available 6-character DV plates. There was a risk that the available inventory of 6 character DV plates would be depleted prior to the next scheduled release impacting the ability to provide this service to the motoring public. 


We understand your concern with end of the month/beginning of month deployments and are already targeting mid-month releases moving forward. However, end-of-month/beginning of month deployments may still be required for some releases. When that is the case, the TxDMV will communicate to you why it is necessary for the release to occur.  We appreciate your understanding as we work to reduce the impact on our ability to serve customers.


Eric Obermier, Chief Information Officer
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

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