Registration and Title System (RTS) Release 7.4.0

This listserve was originally sent out on January 13, 2014. However, due to the size of the attachments, some of you may not have received it. Therefore we are resending this information.
Please review and distribute as appropriate.
We are preparing for the implementation of Registration and Title System (RTS) Release 7.4.0, which is expected in April. We hope the following information will allow you to adjust or update other programs or forms you use that may be affected.

Please note that the upgrade to your software containing the new fields as provided in the attached DTA Data Dictionary is mandatory for all software users immediately upon the release of RTS 7.4.0. DTA transactions processed after the release of RTS 7.4.0 using software that has not been updated to match the attached DTA Data Dictionary may be rejected.

County Tax Assessor-Collectors will be asked to be accommodating of any backlog in DTA transactions submitted to their offices prior to the RTS 7.4.0 release; however, transactions processed after this release not containing the information required of these new fields are subject to be rejected at the county tax assessor-collector office’s discretion. Transactions processed through DTA will require the following fields to be entered:

* Previous Title Information Fields 133, 134, and 135: These fields are required to be entered by the processing dealer or county tax assessor-collector’s effective with the release of RTS 7.4.0 (April 2014). This enhancement only affects those transactions with one of the effected Out-of-State Ownership Evidence types. The TxDMV has reached out to several County Tax Assessor-Collector offices, and they have all indicated their flexibility to enter the information required in Fields 133, 134, and 135 for a limited time to allow for processing of any backlog.

* Owner Identification Fields 136, 137, and 138: These fields are required on all DTA transactions processed through RTS on or after July 1, 2014. These three fields are required of every title transaction; therefore, any DTA transactions that have not been processed by the county tax assessor-collector through RTS or do not contain the information required of Fields 136, 137, and 138 by July 1, 2014, will be rejected back to the dealer for collection of these three required fields.

We strongly encourage all DTA users to upgrade their software as soon as possible to avoid rejections of DTA transactions for missing information.

The RTS 7.4.0 release will include changes relating to the collection of previous title information and owner identification. The following 6 new fields have been added to the DTA Data Dictionary:
1. Previous Title Number: (Field 133)
2. Previous Title Jurisdiction: (Field 134)
3. Previous Title Issue Date: (Field 135)
4. Id No: (Field 136)
5. Id Type: (Field 137)
6. Id State/Country: (Field 138)

Attached are the revised DTA Data Dictionary and five (5) test transactions. Required testing with TxDMV is currently scheduled to occur February 10 through March 21, 2014.

Please have changes completed no later than March 14, 2014. Once coded changes have been made, please submit the five (5) test transactions for validation. The first four transactions can make use of a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of your choosing. The fifth transaction must use the VIN supplied with the test. Please send the transactions to VTR_DTA-Vendors at The transactions will be tested and notification sent back when validation is complete.
If you have questions, please contact VTR_DTA-Vendors at

Thank you,
Randy Elliston, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

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