REMINDER: Additional eLICENSING Training Webinars



The Texas Department of Motor Vehicle (TxDMV) recently launched the new eLICENSING system. eLICENSING allows all motor vehicle and salvage dealers, converters, manufactures, and other industry licensees to apply for, renew, and amend their licenses online.

In order to help licensees use the new system we are hosting additional eLICENSING webinars. An invitation to register for any of the upcoming webinars is attached, July – September. This will cover the eLICENSING basics. 

You can also view a recording of one of the webinar sessions, along with other training videos and guides, at our website


Daniel Avitia, Director

Motor Vehicle Division

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


Source: Dealers and Manufacturers
REMINDER: Additional eLICENSING Training Webinars

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