“Two Steps, One Sticker”

Texas DMV

Two Steps, One Sticker

The state of Texas soon will
stop issuing inspection stickers and transition to a “Two Steps, One Sticker”
vehicle inspection and registration program as a result of a new state law.
Beginning March 1, 2015, vehicles will no longer be issued an inspection
sticker. Your registration sticker will serve as a combined proof of
registration and inspection.

Why You’ll Love “Two Steps, One Sticker”:

One sticker, one date:
Are you one of the millions of Texans whose inspection sticker and registration
sticker expire in different months? With “Two Steps, One Sticker” you will just
have one sticker with one expiration date.

Less clutter, better
Who wants
multiple stickers in their view while behind the wheel? With “Two Steps, One
Sticker” you will just have the familiar blue-bordered registration sticker in
the corner of your windshield.

Safer streets, cleaner
Because a
passing vehicle inspection will be a requirement to renew your registration,
more Texans will comply with the safety and emissions testing laws. So with
“Two Steps, One Sticker” there will be safer and more environmentally sound
cars on the road.

Fraud prevention: With inspection stickers no longer
needed under “Two Steps, One Sticker,” this change will eliminate the risk of
inspection sticker fraud and theft.

For more information, visit the
new “Two Steps, One Sticker” website.

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