TxDMV Board Agenda Update


Re: Full Board Meeting – Agenda Item 5.A.3.- Chapter 217 Vehicle Titles and Registration, Deputies and Process and Handling Fees / Finance and Audit Committee Meeting – 2.G. Proposed Deputy and Processing and Handling Fee Rules

Please review and distribute as appropriate.

At the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) Board Meeting scheduled for Friday, August 14, the board is scheduled to consider proposed changes to the Texas Administrative Code related to deputies and processing and handling fees. Today, the board chairman announced his intention to postpone consideration of this item. In light of this postponement, there also will be no need to cover the corresponding item on the agenda for the TxDMV Finance and Audit Committee scheduled for Thursday, August 13. These agenda items will not be discussed, deliberated, or voted upon at either meeting. We will keep you informed on the next steps in this very important process. Thank you for your support and service to our customers. 

Thank you,

Whitney Brewster, Executive Director
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


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