TxDMV News: “Two Steps, One Sticker” begins March 1

“Two Steps, One Sticker” Program Begins Sunday, March 1

AUSTIN – Get ready for a new Texas Two Step. This weekend the state will transition to having just one sticker for vehicle inspection and registration, and vehicle owners will follow two steps to get their one sticker.

Beginning March 1, Texas will stop issuing vehicle inspection stickers and change to a “Two Steps, One Sticker” inspection and registration program. Under the new system, Texas vehicle owners will need to pass inspection prior to renewing their registration. The familiar blue-bordered registration sticker will serve as proof of both inspection and registration.

The first year of the program is a transition period to allow vehicles’ inspection and registration expiration dates to align. Here is what drivers will need to do:

March 1, 2015 – February 29, 2016: You will be able renew your registration the same way as always as long as your vehicle has a current, passing inspection. However, if your inspection and registration stickers already expire in the same month, your vehicle will need to pass inspection prior to registration renewal. When you renew your annual registration online, by mail, or in-person at your county tax office, your inspection status will be verified electronically. Remember that a current, passing inspection is required for registration renewal.

March 1, 2016, and beyond: Your inspection and registration will expire at the end of the month indicated on your registration sticker. You will have a convenient 90-day window prior to your expiration date to complete two simple steps: pass vehicle inspection and renew your registration. Registration renewal will still be available online, by mail or in person at your county tax office.

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