TxDMV to Launch Electronic Licensing, Insurance and Credentialing (eLINC) System

TxDMV will launch the electronic Licensing, Insurance and Credentialing (eLINC) on Dec. 10, 2017, to offer online self-service to carriers applying for Operating Authority in Texas.

The initial launch of eLINC will allow customers to handle all steps in the process of creating an account. A status bar shows customers where they are in the 11-step process and eLINC is instructional as it tutors customers through each step.

The eLINC system also adds security features and searches for chameleon carriers:

  • Real-time information in the federal Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) is cross checked for current USDOT number status.
  • Checks that Household Goods Movers have the required insurance and rates and charges on file.
  • Applications left pending and incomplete in eLINC are deleted after 45 days and the application process must restart from the beginning.
  • All existing accounts not renewed within 180 days of expiration are inactivated, and those carriers must reapply for Operating Authority in eLINC.

For now, existing customers will continue to manage accounts in the Motor Carrier Credentialing System (MCCS). MCCS will be re-branded as eLINC by the end of 2018 as other new features are phased in.

For questions, call the Credentialing toll free number at 1-800-299-1700, option 3 and 4.



Source: Motor Carriers
TxDMV to Launch Electronic Licensing, Insurance and Credentialing (eLINC) System

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