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On 2/14/2016, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) will update the Cognos Enterprise Reporting tool to add a new report, modify several existing reports, and contain resolutions for several reported issues. Many of these modifications are based on suggestions submitted by Cognos users. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to enhance Cognos Enterprise Reports with the valuable suggestions from those who use it.

Note: On 02/12/2016, the detailed Release Notes for this Enterprise Reporting deployment will be emailed to your office and posted on the Release Notes & Support tab of the TAC Hub (


The highlights of this deployment include:


  • The availability of the VTR Funds Adjustment Report in the Finance folder to Cognos users with the appropriate access permissions
  • In all reports, the bright blue background color displayed on the Grand Total line was changed to a white background to improve readability.
  • In the Title Statistics Report:
    • Existing columns were modified:
      • Total Number of Title Applications via webDealer now matches the former “web dealer related counts” title transaction processed successfully
      • Number of webDealer Titles Issued now matches the former “web dealer related counts” titles released to print + e-titles released
    • New columns were added to show the:
      • Number of webDealer Titles Printed, which matches the information in the former “web dealer related counts” titles released to print column
      • Number of webDealer E-titles Released, which matches the information in the former “web dealer related counts” e-titles released column
  • In the Admin Ad-hoc Report Queries, the ARCHIVE and INACTIVE TITLE tables were added to provide advanced users with the ability to query the additional title records found in the tables.
  • In the NMVTIS Error Report, to reduce the overall length on the NMVITIS Error Report and print the report on fewer pages, several columns are automatically suppressed when county end users run the report (such as the Office, Regional Office, Type, and Salvage Indicator) and word wrapping within each column is enabled.

As a reminder, the information and data available to you in Cognos is based on your business area and the access permissions you have. This means that these new cubes/reports may not be visible to all Cognos users. If the new reports/cubes are not visible and you feel that you should have access, please contact your supervisor or open a Remedy Ticket and select the Cognos category.


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