COGNOS Report Update 10/30/2015

We’ve heard your feedback!

On 10/30/2015, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) updated the Cognos Enterprise Reporting Tool to add 2 new reports and modify several existing reports. Many of these modifications were based on suggestions submitted by Cognos users. Below you will see a list of the new reports and changes to existing reports. One of the key user suggested updates is a change to all Cognos reports that decreases the number of pages generated for each report. We appreciate your feedback as we continue to enhance the Cognos Enterprise Reporting Tool.

Cognos users with the appropriate access permissions will have access to the new:

  • No Fee Transaction Report in the Administrative folder
  • Titles In-Process with Hard Stops in the Title folder

Modifications were made to the following reports:

  • In all reports, the size of the report header has been reduced by making the image smaller and reorganizing the prompt values to help to help reduce the number of pages printed.
  • In the   Funds Collected Report, the background color for the Grand Total line was changed to make it easier to read the numbers for the State Parks Funds, Veterans Fund, and Organ Donors.
  • In the   Void Transaction Report:
    • The Voided Transaction Date column now displays the correct information
    • The Grouping is on the Void Transaction Date
    • Sort Order is available on the Void Transaction ID column
  • In the   Monthly Funds Report, the Detailed Transaction column has been split into 3 columns as in the legacy report to help reduce the length of the report.
  • In the   Fee Collection and Distribution Report configuration, the Funds Category prompt was added to help create the same calendar and fiscal year registration reports.
  • In the   Funds Remittance Report:
    • A Grand Totals field has been added for the entire date range selected.
    • Page breaks now separate the Funds Types.
    • Report subtitles are included for each Funds Type.

In addition, the   Inventory Transaction Cube has been modified by adding new fields for Inventory Transaction Code Type and Plate Ownership Code.

As a reminder, the information and data available to you in Cognos is based on your business area and the access permissions you have. This means that these new cubes/reports may not be visible to all Cognos users.  If the new reports/cubes are not visible and you feel that you should have access, please contact your supervisor or open a Remedy Ticket and select the Cognos category.

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