January 2015 Title Manual Update


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The latest update to the Motor Vehicle Title Manual (attached) is now available via RTS workstations and at www.txdmv.gov.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to email your comments and suggestions to VTR_Title_Reg-Manual-Update@txdmv.gov (please note the underscore between VTR and Title and another underscore between Title and Reg).

Updates for this release are marked with red change bars in the text. 

The following are brief summaries of the chapters updated in the January 2015 revision.

Chapter 7 – Corrections

Section 7.4, “Corrected Texas Certificates of Title,” was updated to add the subsection “Processing Correction on an ELT Record.”  This section specified that when an ELT record is corrected based on an error (no change in ownership), the application for a corrected title may be supported by a printout of the motor vehicle record rather than the Texas Certificate of Title.

Section 7.6, “Name Change,” was updated to be more inclusive of the various name change scenarios rather than only specifying a name change by marriage.

Chapter 8 – Refusal/Denial of Title

Section 8.4, “Bonded Title,” was updated to remove references to department processing. Bonded title applications no longer receive special handling; therefore, these references were outdated and removed.

Chapter 14 – Vehicle Types

Section 14.3, “Motorcycle,” was updated to provide a clearer explanation on differences between the two statutory definitions of a motorcycle (as defined in Transportation Code, Sections 521.001 and 541.201).  This chapter also provides contact information for the Texas Department of Public Safety’s Motorcycle/ATV Safety Unit for questions pertaining to operators’ licenses, vehicle inspections, safety course requirements, and head gear requirements.

Chapter 23 – Foreclosure of Miscellaneous Liens

The entire chapter was reviewed, researched, and revised.  The primary purpose was to ensure accuracy of the information within this chapter as well as provide as much consistency and clarity as possible between the various foreclosure procedures and their relevant sections.

Procedures for the mechanic’s lien foreclosure process was broken into two sections: one for non-franchise mechanics (Section 23.1, “Mechanic’s Lien”) and a second for franchise dealer mechanics (Section 23.2, “Franchise Mechanic’s Lien”).

Section 23.1, “Mechanic’s Lien,” includes the procedure changes outlined in RTB #001-15 (Mechanic’s Lien and Form VTR-265-M Revisions) regarding the mechanic’s notification requirements and timeframe in which those notifications must be made.

Section 23.3, “Storage Lien,” includes the procedure changes outlined in RTB #002-15 (Storage Lien and Form VTR-265-S) regarding the applicable storage lien notification requirements for consent and non-consent storage of a motor vehicle.

Section 23.7, “Verification of Title and/or Registration,” was added to provide a single point of reference on the acceptable documentation to satisfy the title/registration verification requirement for the various foreclosure liens.  This section includes the policy outlined in RTB #021-14 (Notification Requirements for Miscellaneous Lien Foreclosures) that specifies an individual or entity pursing a statutory lien foreclosure is not required to restart the notification process if there is a change in owner or lienholder information between the time the title/registration verification is obtained and the application is filed at the county tax assessor-collector’s office as long as the applicable notification requirements have been met.

Section 23.8, “Acceptable Proof of Notifications,” was added to provide a single point of reference on the acceptable documentation to satisfy the notifications requirements for the various foreclosure liens.  Previously, each foreclosure procedure had its own section detailing this information, which was often inconsistent or not clear.

Section 23.9, “Miscellaneous Information Regarding Lien Foreclosure,” was added to document relevant information previously contained within the chapter that is not specific to one particular foreclosure procedure.

Section 23.10, “Nonrepairable Vehicles,” was information previously contained within the chapter that was applicable to the various foreclosure processed.  For clarity and consistency, this information was documented within its own section.

The “Statutory Foreclosure Procedure Charts,” that were previously located in Section 23.7 were removed.  This information is now detailed in the applicable section for the relevant lien foreclosure process and on page 2 of each of the relevant foreclosure forms.  Each of the six foreclosure forms have been revised and are available on our website at www.TxDMV.gov.

Thank you,

Jeremiah Kuntz, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



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