July 2014 NMVTIS Guide Update


Please review the following information and distribute as appropriate.

The latest update to the NMVTIS Guide (attached) is now available via RTS workstations and at www.TxDMV.gov.

We welcome your feedback and encourage you to email your comments and suggestions to VTR_Title_Reg-Manual-Update@txdmv.gov (please note the underscore between VTR and Title and another underscore between Title and Reg.).

Updates for this release are marked with red change bars in the text. 

The following are brief summaries of the chapters updated in the July 2014 revision.

Chapter 1 – Overview
Section 1.5 “State Participation” was updated to reflect the current level of NMVTIS participation of each state, including Texas, which is now shown as fully participating.

Chapter 4 – Warnings
Section 4.2 “Warning Messages” was updated to add NMVTIS Warning #917.  This warning only prints to the TxDMV NMVTIS Warning Report and is not displayed on county error reports.

Chapter 5 – Title Brands
Section 5.2 “Brands/Remarks not Appearing on Surrendered Document” was updated to include the NMVTIS brand numbers applicable to the salvage and nonrepairable processes.

Section 5.3 “NMVTIS Conversion to Texas Brands” was updated to simplify the explanation of the salvage brand equivalents in Table 5-1.  Additionally, as specified in RTB 014-14, Table 5-1 was updated to indicate that Brand 31 (Totaled) is considered a salvage vehicle.  Previously Brand 31 (Totaled) was considered nonrepairable.

Section 5.4 “Reconstructed Brand” was added as a result of RTB 014-14, concerning the interpretations of brands 09 (Rebuilt) and 10 (Reconstructed) for Alaska, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Oregon, and Pennsylvania.

Chapter 6 – Ownership Evidence Surrendered: RTS Screen TTL017
Section 6.3 “Foreign Evidence” was updated to include a note that Certificates of Title from Indian Nations are considered “Foreign Evidence” for the purposes of NMVTIS.  These transactions should be processed like an out-of-state title; however, when presented with the Ownership Evidence Screen (TTL011), “Foreign Evidence” should be selected in order to avoid a NMVTIS error.  A title from an Indian Nation is not issued by the state in which the Indian Nation is located; therefore, that state cannot report that title information to NMVTIS.

Chapter 7 – Title Numbers and Issue Date
Section 7.4 “Title Samples and Title Information” was updated as a result of RTB 015-14.  Information regarding title issue dates and the information that should be captured in RTS was updated for the states of Colorado, Kentucky, South Carolina, Virginia, and Washington.

Chapter 8 – Miscellaneous
Section 8.2 “Corrected-Original” was added.  When processing a “Corrected-Original” in RTS, the ownership evidence type is always “Texas Title.”  The ownership evidence that was originally captured to issue the Texas title (that is being corrected) has now been superseded in NMVTIS. In order to avoid a NMVTIS Error, when processing a “Corrected-Original,” select “Texas Title” on the TTL011 screen.

Thank you,

Tim Thompson, Deputy Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


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