New Online System for Motor Vehicle Licensees – Coming Late 2016

Important Notice – Please review and distribute as appropriate.

The process for renewing your license is changing. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles’ (TxDMV) Licensing, Administration, Consumer Relations, and Enforcement system (LACE) is being replaced with a new self-service hub for submitting license applications online. All motor vehicle licensees operating in Texas will be affected. Although a release date has yet to be determined, we anticipate that the new system will be available late 2016.

The new system will offer many benefits, such as providing you with 24-hour online access to licensing information. You will be able to submit license and motor vehicle event-related applications at any time using the system’s guided, paperless application process that supports faster approvals. Submitted applications will be able to be tracked and printed, and you will be able to grant system access to your staff per their assigned responsibilities. Additionally, the system will provide the public with information for finding your business by location, license type, product lines, and more.

TxDMV will provide instructions and other support resources to help you access and use the system as the release date approaches. You must have an email address on file with TxDMV to receive important updates and use the new system. For more information, please email TxDMV at or call 1-888-DMV-GOTX (368-4689).


Daniel Avitia, Director

Motor Vehicle Division

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



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