Registration Purposes Only (RPO) Processing for U.S. Government Vehicles


Please review and distribute as appropriate.

Law enforcement agencies are able to borrow vehicles from the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).  These vehicles should receive standard exempt registration in the name of the law enforcement agency using the vehicle.  Since the law enforcement agency does not own the vehicle, the appropriate method is to use the Registration Purposes Only process as outlined in Section 6.7 of the Title Manual.  The law enforcement agency will receive a Certificate to Register a Tactical Vehicle, DLA Form 1928, which should be used as evidence describing the vehicle and denoting government ownership.  Both the issuing and receiving agency representatives must sign this form.

The law enforcement agency must submit the following completed forms when they apply for exempt registration for these vehicles:
    • Certificate to Register a Tactical Vehicle, DLA Form 1928,
    • Application for Registration Purposes Only, Form VTR-272,
    • Application for Texas Title, Form 130-U,
    • Application for Standard Texas Exempt License Plates, Form VTR-62-A,

And one of the following:
    • Statement of Physical Inspection, Form VTR-270, or
    • Out-of-State Identification Certification, Form VI-30

The manufacturer’s serial numbers on these vehicles do not conform to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration standards.  For these vehicles, vehicle identification numbers with less than 17 characters or the manufacturer’s serial number are acceptable.

Please process the vehicle using the Registration Purposes Only procedure.  The DLA will be the owner, and the law enforcement agency will be the renewal recipient.  Issue appropriate exempt license plates for the law enforcement agency.  Attached is an example of the DLA Form 1928 for your reference.

If you have any questions, please contact your local Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Regional Service Center.

Thank you,

Tim Thompson, Deputy Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


If you have any comments or suggestions concerning this Vehicle Titles and Registration communication process, please contact your local Texas Department of Motor Vehicles Regional Service Center.

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