RTS instructions for incomplete transactions (8/15/2016 @ 3:50 PM CDT)


Good afternoon,


The connectivity and performance issues have been resolved as of 1:41 PM CDT this afternoon (8/15/2016). 

To determine if you have any transactions that were not completed successfully, you may follow the following steps to locate the Trans ID number and void the transaction(s) if necessary.


To determine if the transaction was processed successfully:

  1. Check Set Aside Reports
    1. From the main menu, go to Miscellaneous Tab
    2. Select Complete Vehicle Transactions and the Select Transaction CUS001 screen will display
  2. If customer name is displayed, you can select Enter and complete the transaction.
    1. If the customer’s name is not there, click Cancel on the Select Transaction CUS001 screen to go back to the main menu.
      1. Go to the Reports tab and select Reprint Reports. The Reprint Reports RPR002 screen will appear.
        1. If the transaction is displayed in the Reprint Reports RPR002 screen, highlight the transaction and click Enter button to reprint and complete the transaction.
          1. If after you press enter on the Reprint Reports RPR002 screen and you receive the following error message “customer sequence data not available” the transaction will need to be reprocessed.
        2. If the transaction is not displayed in the Reprint Reports RPR002 screen, you will need to reprocess the transaction.

If the transaction did not complete successfully in RTS, the transaction will need to be reprocessed (if applicable):


  1. If you receive an In-Process Transactions INQ002 screen during the RTS event, you will need to expand the first column in order to get all 17 characters.  Click the line in between the TransId and Date column and drag to the right to lengthen the TransID #.

    1. In order to reference the transaction id #, be sure to Print Screen the In-Process Transactions INQ002 screen with the full TransID number.

  2. Once you have the print screen, select Enter and complete the transaction in RTS.

  3. After the receipt(s) print, go back to VOID the In-Process Transaction in RTS.  

    1. Go to Miscellaneous tab

    2. Select Void transaction

    3. Select Enter

If no transaction is in process, the transaction did not save and was not completed in RTS.  You may reprocess the transaction.

If you experience any new issues with RTS or would like assistance with the instructions above please contact the service desk.

The statewide ticket for this issue is: 88718

If you would like to speak to a Service Desk Representative, please call us at 512-465-4010 or toll free at 1-877-933-2020, option one (1). The Service Desk is available from 7:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (Central Time), Monday through Friday. You may also send email to: ServiceDesk@TxDMV.gov


We apologize for the inconvenience and any impact on you or your customers.


Best regards,


TxDMV Service Desk

Department of Motor Vehicles

IT Services Division

3800 Jackson Ave

Austin, TX 78731

(512) 465-4010

(877) 933-2020



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