RTS Refactoring Project Success!


I am happy to announce that the refactored RTS Point of Sale (POS) and Cognos reporting tool were successfully deployed to the last remaining counties this week. All 254 counties are currently using the refactored system to process transactions, access report information, and service the motoring public.

I understand the transition to the refactored RTS POS was a change that required all of us to adapt, and appreciate your patience and willingness to share feedback in order to help improve the system. A special thank you goes out to Sharon Long and the Bell County staff for agreeing to be the pilot county for the new refactored RTS system. Their feedback, along with that of all counties, has been essential to the success of this phase of the project.

The refactored RTS POS will enable us to more quickly enhance our technology in order to better service the motoring public.

With the initial POS rollout behind us, we can now begin the exciting part of the project. In the upcoming months, you will begin to see enhancements to the RTS POS system, starting with a new option to search for records by customer name. This feature was suggested by county users and is an example of the type of functionality we are working to add to the system.

I look forward to our continued partnership as we leverage technology in order to improve customer service to the motoring public.


Whitney Brewster, Executive Director
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


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