September 2015 Motor Vehicle Registration Manual Update


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The latest update to the Motor Vehicle Registration Manual (attached) is now available via Registration and Title System workstations and at

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Updates for this release are marked with red change bars in the text.

This manual update reflects changes made during the 84th Legislative Session effective on or before September 1, 2015. A new appendix includes the list of Texas Administrative Code Rules and corresponding hyperlinks for Chapter 217, Subchapter B, on motor vehicle registration.

The following are brief summaries of some of the chapters updated in the September 2015 revision:

Chapter 2 – Commercial Vehicles
Section 2.9, “Tow Trucks,” was updated to include changes from Senate Bill (SB) 1820 regarding additional vehicles excluded from the requirement to display tow truck license plates.

Chapter 6 – Exempt License Plates
Section 6.1, “General Provisions,” was updated to include changes from House Bill (HB) 1360 that allows vehicles owned by the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary used in search and rescue, emergency communications, and disaster operations to apply for exempt license plates.

Chapter 7 – Farm Vehicles
Section 7.7, “Farm Vehicles,” was updated to include changes from HB 75 as outlined in Registration and Title Bulletin (RTB) #006-15. This change exempts farm trailers and semitrailers owned by farmers’ cooperatives and marketing associations from the ag/timber number requirement for the issuance and renewal of farm license plates.

Chapter 10 – General Provisions
Section 10.1, “Definitions,” was updated to include the expanded definition of an implement of husbandry defined by SB 971. The definition of a motorcycle under Transportation Code, Chapter 521, was expanded by SB 1756 and a new definition of autocycle was added by SB 449 as outlined in RTB #004-15.

Chapter 12 – Off-Highway, Log Loader, Forestry & Miscellaneous
Section 12.12, “Vehicles Subject to Registration or Eligible for Distinguishing License Plates,” was updated to include a note and an image for an impact attenuator trailer and to clarify these vehicles do not qualify for machinery license plates.

Chapter 14 – Application for Registration
Section 14.6, “Registration Year,” was updated to include the amendment to Texas Administrative Code, Rule 217.27, as outlined in RTB #005-15 and #007-15. This change requires the issuance of 24 months of initial registration when a two-year inspection is issued. This information was also updated in Chapter 22.

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Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



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