Single-Sticker Transition for Motor Carriers

Dear Motor Carrier:

Texas will stop issuing inspection stickers and transition to a “single sticker” vehicle inspection and registration program starting March 1, 2015. This single sticker will serve as proof of both valid inspection and valid registration.

The 83rd Texas Legislature passed House Bill 2305 in 2013 that requires vehicle inspection and registration dates to be synced. The bill also creates a registration-based enforcement system, meaning that you cannot register your vehicle without proof of a valid safety inspection.

Beginning March 1, 2015, vehicles will no longer be issued an inspection sticker and your cab card or registration receipt will serve as proof of both inspection and registration. At the time of inspection, the inspection station will issue a Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) as proof of a passing inspection. The VIR must be carried in the cab of the power unit or with the trailer.

Your registration remains valid until it expires. However, all vehicles in the fleet must pass an annual vehicle inspection. Effective March 1, 2015, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is required to verify inspection and collect the state’s portion of the inspection fee for all vehicles in your fleet at the time of registration or renewal.

If you renew your fleet prior to the effective date of this law, you will not be required to provide proof of inspection for your fleet at renewal. However, if you add vehicles to your fleet after March 1, TxDMV will verify inspection and collect the state’s portion of the inspection fee for those vehicles at the time of registration.

All vehicles at all times must have a valid inspection that meets state and federal annual safety inspection requirements.

Also of note, the single-sticker requirement will be postponed for Apportioned Registration and for Token Trailer vehicles as of March 1 pending action by the 84th Legislature now in session. Apportioned vehicles and Token Trailers must continue to comply with all federal and state safety inspection requirements; however these vehicles initially will not be required to show proof of a Texas safety inspection to register.

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