webDEALER Release 2.5.1 Coming Soon

Good afternoon,

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is pleased to announce webDEALER 2.5.1 will be released March 6, 2016. Your feedback has helped the TxDMV continue to improve the webDEALER system. This latest release includes changes to help facilitate the behind the scenes functionality of Single Sticker Phase Two and to fix two known defects within webDEALER.

Before this release, if a note larger than 250 characters was entered when returning or retracting a title application, the system encountered an error. Another defect was that the county user was able to issue the same plate to multiple title transactions if the dealership was setup for county issue inventory. After this release both of these issues will be fixed. Users will be able to enter a maximum of 350 characters in the notes fields and county users will not be allowed to issue the same plate to more than one title application in webDEALER.

Note: The county user can still issue the same plate to different title applications when one is in webDEALER and the other is in RTS. We are looking into a solution for this problem.

We appreciate your feedback and welcome suggestions to improve our programs, services, and systems.

Thank you for your support and participation. 


TxDMV Service Desk

Department of Motor Vehicles

IT Services Division

3800 Jackson Ave

Austin, TX 78731

(512) 465-4010

(877) 933-2020





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