UPDATE: Temporary Suspension of Motor Carrier IRP Requirements for Disaster Relief

Commercial Vehicle registration requirements to travel in and through the state of Texas are temporarily suspended by order of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. This is to make it faster and easier for operators of commercial vehicles to provide disaster relief assistance to Texas and other states affected by Hurricanes/Tropical Storms Harvey and Irma.

A commercial motor vehicle qualifies for the temporary suspension of International Registration Plan (IRP) requirements if the vehicle is registered in one of the 48 contiguous states and is not currently registered under IRP. The suspension covers the vehicle registration requirements for operators of commercial motor vehicles that are providing assistance to Texas and/or other states pursuant to the disaster declarations for those states.

Additionally, the requirements to obtain a 72-/144-hour temporary registration permit also are suspended for those commercial motor vehicles that are not eligible for IRP registration.  

These waivers do not apply to safety requirements. Operators are responsible and liable for safely routing their vehicles by obtaining current restrictions and information concerning hazardous weather-related road conditions prior to movement.

No action on your part is required to qualify for the temporary waivers.

These suspensions will expire on October 18th.

Visit the Motor Carrier portal for all your TxDMV needs at http://www.TxDMV.gov/motor-carriers.

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UPDATE: Temporary Suspension of Motor Carrier IRP Requirements for Disaster Relief

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