Additional eTITLE Training for Dealers

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) continues user acceptance testing in preparation for the upcoming eTITLE launch. eTITLE is a new feature in webDEALER that facilitates the secure electronic transfer of titles between dealers in the wholesale market, making the title transfer process faster and easier than ever before. With eTITLE, electronic titles can also be released directly to webDEALER by a lienholder participating in the Electronic Lien and Title program.

The benefits of using eTITLE include:

  • The ability for dealers to create an electronic title from a paper title, or receive an electronic title from a lienholder when a vehicle is traded in and subsequently paid off;
  • Easy electronic wholesale transfer of a vehicle that makes the electronic title immediately available to the dealer upon successful completion of the transaction, without physical paperwork changing hands;
  • Increased visibility into reassignment transactions;
  • Integration with webDEALER;
  • The ability to convert an electronic title to a paper title when necessary;
  • Eliminating the need for a Certified Copy of Texas Title or maintaining a release of lien when the financial institution releases the lien electronically to the dealer; and
  • Faster delivery of titles to inventory.

Additional eTITLE Webinars

To make the transition to eTITLE easier for you, TxDMV will be providing webinars on the dates and at the times listed below:


Source: Contractors and Vendors
Additional eTITLE Training for Dealers

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