ALERT: Fraudulent Emails Posing as TxDMV


The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is aware of recent reports of phishing emails being sent to our licensed community. This may be an attempt to obtain sensitive information from you.  The emails make statements about complaints regarding a licensee, threaten to revoke the entity’s license and includes a TxDMV employees name in the closing.

Please be advised that the TxDMV has not sent these email notifications to licensees.

If you receive an email of this type, please practice safe precautions and do the following:

  • DO NOT open the email if at all possible
  • Contact your IT Department
  • DO NOT open any attachment
  • DO NOT click on any web links in the email
  • Delete the email and empty your deleted items folder

Here is an example of one of the phishing emails in circulation.

 Phishing Example

If you have questions concerning this communication you may contact the TxDMV’s customer service line at 1-888-368-4689


Joshua G. Kuntz

Information Security Officer, CISSP
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



Source: Dealers and Manufacturers
ALERT: Fraudulent Emails Posing as TxDMV

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