Announcing the New

On Friday, October 16, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles launched the redesigned

The functionality and design of the new reflects feedback from our staff and stakeholders as well as a careful analysis of the way that visitors utilize our site.

In addition to being mobile device-friendly to accommodate the growing number of users coming to our site on their phones, the new site search returns more accurate results for both pages and documents – a welcome improvement for those of you familiar with the limitations of our previous search engine.

We encourage you to review any printed material, correspondence templates, and electronic bookmarks to identify any frequently-used URLs that need to be updated.

While we have made every effort to preserve links and addresses, some have changed, such as links to documents and forms.

Should you discover any issues with the new, please take the following steps to alert TxDMV staff of any problems:

  • Before reporting a problem, please clear your browser cache by pressing CTRL and F5. This will request the latest version of the page, in case an update was made after you noticed the problem.
  • Send a report to that contains:
    • The address of the page where you encountered a problem (example:
    • The browser and operating environment you were using to access the site (example: Chrome on a Windows desktop, Firefox on a Windows desktop, Safari on an iPhone X).
    • A detailed description of the problem (example: broken image, broken link, text not displaying as expected).
    • Any additional information you feel may help us understand the nature or severity of the problem.

If the above details are not included in your report, we will be unable to effectively address the problem. Reports sent to any email address other than will not reach the correct TxDMV staff.


Best regards,

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles



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Announcing the New

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