Beware of Flood-Damaged Vehicles

TxDMV Warns Buyers to Beware of

Flood-Damaged Vehicles

Giving someone a new or used car as a graduation gift may earn you an “A” for effort, but failing to do your homework before buying could be a dangerous and costly mistake. More than eight months after Hurricane Harvey damaged an estimated 500,000 cars and trucks, Texans are still at risk of unknowingly purchasing flood-damaged vehicles.

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is urging Texans to do their research before buying a new or used car.

“Too many Texans already get taken advantage of by people selling flooded, salvaged, and rebuilt vehicles as though they are in perfect condition,” said TxDMV Executive Director Whitney Brewster.

TxDMV uses a national title database under the United States Department of Justice to help stop title fraud and urges consumers to learn how to protect themselves when buying a vehicle. Brewster cautioned, “Don’t find a problem after you bought the vehicle. Protect yourself before you buy.”

TxDMV offers these tips to help detect water damage on a vehicle:



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Beware of Flood-Damaged Vehicles

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