County RTS Release Notes 23.2 (02/15/2023 @ 3:15 PM)

Good afternoon,

Over the weekend of February 18, 2023, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV)
will update the Registration and Titling System (RTS) with Release 23.2 which contains the
content summarized below. 



•  Added Functionality to Invalidate Texas Registration When Out-of-State Ownership
    Evidence is Submitted

•  Added Mandatory Applicant Information to the Specialty Plate Application

•  Added Previous Title Information to the RTS Title Application Receipt

•  Added Functionality That Allows RTS Core Users to Add a Judge Remark to a
    Vehicle Record

•  Updated the IVTRS Application to Include Renewal Notice Delivery Options

•  Added Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice Delivery Options to the TxDMV Website

•  Added the Selected Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice Options to Display in
    the RTS POS Client

•  New Black-Silver State of the Arts Specialty License Plate

•  New Tarleton State University Vendor Specialty License Plate

•  New Stop Human Trafficking Charity State Specialty License Plate

•  New U.S. Paratrooper Master & Senior Military Specialty License Plates

Please note
: For your convenience, RTS Release Notes 23.2 are attached. For detailed information
about the items listed above, additional enhancements and issue resolutions after the release has
been deployed, please refer to the TAC Hub (

Thank you,

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division



Source: Tax Assessor-Collectors
County RTS Release Notes 23.2 (02/15/2023 @ 3:15 PM)

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