Delinquent webDEALER Transactions Submitted During Waiver Period

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Governor Greg Abbott waived the time in which to apply for title and the associated delinquent transfer penalty from March 16, 2020, until 60 days after the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) provides notice normal titling services have resumed.  As a result, the delinquent transfer penalty does not apply to title applications submitted during the waiver period.

webDEALER automatically assesses the $10 dealer delinquent transfer penalty for applicable transactions and does not currently allow for the waiver of the fee. Programming changes needed to implement the waiver in webDEALER are currently being evaluated.  Notice will be provided once the programming changes have been implemented.

Dealer transactions eligible for the delinquent transfer penalty waiver must be physically submitted to the county tax office to avoid having the penalty assessed.  Transactions created in webDEALER with a delinquent transfer penalty may be voided and physically submitted to the county tax office even if the ownership evidence has been stamped “SURRENDERED.”  Counties may elect to return submitted transactions to dealers, so the transactions can be voided and physically submitted, or counties may approve transactions and process a refund of the delinquent transfer penalty.   

The TxDMV understands the impact the workaround has on counties and dealers and appreciates your understanding as we work to develop a solution in the webDEALER application. 

Thank you,

Jeremiah Kuntz, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

If you have any questions concerning this communication, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.


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Delinquent webDEALER Transactions Submitted During Waiver Period

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