Digital License Plate Program

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Effective June 1, 2022, digital license plates (DLP) will be available for purchase in Texas as an electronic display device for eligible commercial fleet vehicles as defined in state law. 

Senate Bill 604, 86th Legislature, Regular Session, 2019, authorized the use of DLPs in Texas for commercial fleet vehicles, vehicles owned by governmental entities, and vehicles not registered as passenger vehicles.  Transportation Code, Section 502.001(6), defines “commercial fleet” as a group of at least 25 non-apportioned motor vehicles, semitrailers, or trailers owned, operated, or leased by a business entity.

A DLP is a wireless device that electronically provides the same information found on metal license plates.  DLPs can display governmental alerts and other information, including amber alerts and advertising approved by the department, when the vehicle is not being operated; however, the plate number will always remain visible.  Additionally, the motor vehicle record will be updated with a “DLP” remark viewable in the Registration and Title System for vehicles equipped with a DLP.

The DLP will mirror the look of the corresponding metal license plate, although a 10-digit activation number will display on the front of the DLP for law enforcement authentication purposes.  The activation number will also be recorded in the motor vehicle database in case a DLP requires verification.  The registration expiration month and year will appear in the upper-right hand corner of the plate in the same font size as currently displayed on metal license plates.

Under state law, the DLP must be attached to the rear of the vehicle and will display the plate number on the front metal license plate.  Transportation Code, Section 504.154, states that a vehicle displaying a DLP must display a metal plate on the front of the vehicle “unless the vehicle is of a class of vehicles that is not required to display two license plates.” 

While a registration sticker is not required to be displayed on the windshield of a vehicle equipped with a DLP, Texas Administrative Code requires that the registration sticker be retained in the vehicle if it is not displayed.  This is also advisable in case the DLP is damaged or becomes inoperable, allowing the customer to continue to operate the vehicle by attaching the rear metal plate and affixing the windshield sticker until the DLP is operable.

DLPs will be available through Reviver, the department’s DLP vendor, for eligible vehicles with current Texas registration.  In addition to the cost of the DLP and of related services provided by Reviver, a $95.00 administrative fee will be due annually.  The cost of the DLP and customer services, e.g., wireless connectivity, installation, etc., are set by Reviver as a private vendor.

Vehicle eligibility may be checked by contacting Reviver (  Similar to specialty license plates, DLPs are an optional purchase for eligible vehicles; however, under Transportation Code, Section 504.154, non-commercial passenger cars may not display a DLP.

If you need more information on digital license plates, Reviver may be found online at:  

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Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


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Digital License Plate Program

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