eTITLE: Electronic Transfer of Titles is Coming Soon

We are excited to announce the addition of eTITLE to webDEALER. eTITLE will go live August 19, 2019. This new feature facilitates the secure electronic transfer of titles between dealers in the wholesale market. With eTITLE, electronic titles can also be released electronically directly to a dealer by a lienholder participating in the Electronic Lien and Title (ELT) Program. A new ELT release type will be added, eliminating the requirement for a paper title to be mailed to a dealer when a vehicle is traded in and the lien has been paid off.

To use the new ELT release type, you will need to include the dealer’s general distinguishing number and webDEALER Dealer ID when requesting your lien be released and specifying where the title will be sent. The dealer will provide this information when requesting the title be sent to the dealer electronically. The department has provided this information to ELT vendors and has also conducted testing with them.



Source: Contractors and Vendors
eTITLE: Electronic Transfer of Titles is Coming Soon

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