House Bill (HB) 2152: Online Renewal Up to 12 Months Past Expiration

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Registration and Title System (RTS) Release 11.0, scheduled to deploy this weekend, will allow online registration renewal up to 12 months past expiration using the Internet Vehicle Title and Registration Service (IVTRS) as a result of HB 2152, enacted by the 87th Legislature. Currently, motorists who renew online via IVTRS may only renew up to nine months late if they have not received a law enforcement citation for the expired registration. With this enhancement, motorists will be able to renew up to 12 months late if they have not received a citation.

Additionally, anyone renewing between 10 and 12 months late will be given the option to renew for the current, past-due, registration year and the subsequent registration year. The month of expiration will not change for motorists using this option. Registration and local county fees will be doubled when registration is renewed for both years; however, only one Processing and Handling Fee will be charged.

Motorists renewing online must have a current, passing vehicle inspection in the state inspection database or certify that the vehicle is located out of state. If the vehicle is out of state, a VERIFY INSPECTION remark will be placed on the motor vehicle record for law enforcement use.

IVTRS may be accessed at or via the website. Although the Texas by Texas (TxT) system is active for user account set up and registration renewal, the 12-month extension will not be available in TxT until such time that programming can be completed.

Please refer to RTS County Release Notes 11.0 posted at for more information on this change. The Motor Vehicle Registration Manual will be updated to reflect these changes in the upcoming January quarterly revision.

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Roland D. Luna, Sr., Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles

If you have any questions concerning this communication, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.


Source: Tax Assessor-Collectors
House Bill (HB) 2152: Online Renewal Up to 12 Months Past Expiration

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