Initial Notification: RTS Batch Reports are delayed (11/30/2023 8:33 AM)

Good morning,

The TxDMV RTS Batch for the night of 11/29/2023 is still processing at this time, including
transactions and reporting.  For this reason, the Cognos Active Registration Cube, used for
access to self-service reporting needs, Cognos and Administrative Reporting will be delayed,
including the following:

1  Fee Type Funds Report

2  Funds Remittance Report
3  Week/Month TO Date Fees Report
4  Monthly Funds Report
5  E-Pay Deposit/Refund Notification Report
6  VTR Funds Adjustment Report
7  Out of County Sales Tax Report
8  Daily USAS Transaction Code Report
9  Daily [County/Region] FTP Electronic Funds Transfers

1  NMVTIS Inquiry Report
2  Duplicate CCO Titles Issues Report

Fraud Reports

1  Voided Transactions Report

An update will be published once reports are available.

Thank you,


Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division







Source: Tax Assessor-Collectors
Initial Notification: RTS Batch Reports are delayed (11/30/2023 8:33 AM)

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