Initial Notification: webDEALER Reported Issues (08/23/2019 @ 3:07 PM CST)

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Over the weekend of August 16, 2019, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) released webDEALER eTITLES and the Registration and Titling System (RTS) Release 9.3.0. The following issues have been reported with webDEALER:


webDEALER Receipts Missing Registration Sticker Information

When webDEALER title application receipts are batch printed, the registration sticker information is not printing correctly on one of the receipts.

  • This is a random occurrence, but impacts counties printing receipts for dealers without inventory and dealer deputies printing their own receipts
  • Users may print receipts individually since it does not appear individually printed title application receipts are impacted
  • If you continue to batch print receipts, ensure all registration stickers print correctly
  • Any receipt with an incorrectly printed registration sticker will need to be processed as a no fee replacement through a county tax office
  • The department is researching the cause of this and will provide additional information as it becomes available

Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Verified Printing Incorrectly on Receipts

“Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Verified” was incorrectly printing on webDEALER receipts and updating the vehicle record for vehicles not subject to the heavy vehicle use tax.

  • This has been resolved, but the department is in the process of identifying impacted vehicle records
  • Once the records are identified, the department will programmatically remove the incorrectly applied remark. This will not require action on your part

Diesel Indicator and Sales Tax Emission Fee

The diesel checkbox was not enabled in webDEALER, preventing dealers from selecting it. As a result, the diesel indicator was not being recorded on the transaction, and the sales tax emissions fee was not charged.

  • A fix was implemented last night, so dealers are now able to select the diesel checkbox
  • The department determined certain counties were impacted, which have been provided in the attachment
  • Impacted counties should not approve any webDEALER transaction for a vehicle with a gross weight over 14,000 pounds
  • The department will contact impacted counties to provide instructions on how to resolve the transactions pending approval and the transactions that have already been approved

We apologize for the inconvenience and any impact on you or your customers.


Thank you,



IT Services Division


Source: Tax Assessor-Collectors
Initial Notification: webDEALER Reported Issues (08/23/2019 @ 3:07 PM CST)

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