Performance Quality Recognition Program Information

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The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles understands the importance of the services you provide, as well as the impact you have on the overall satisfaction of Texas motorists, and we want you to be recognized for your achievements in providing quality registration and titling services to the motoring public. The Performance Quality Recognition Program (PQRP), implemented in 2017, focuses on achievements in business process, fraud prevention, customer service, and training.

PQRP stipulates all recognitions expire one year after the county tax assessor-collector’s re-election.  As you are aware, 2020 was an election year, thus if you have previously received a PQRP recognition, that recognition expires later this year.  A previously recognized county tax assessor-collector must reapply to retain an existing recognition.  They may also apply for a higher level of recognition.  In either case, a new application is required.

Over the four fiscal years in which recognitions have been awarded, business practices have evolved and changed.  As a result of these changes and the expiration of all previous recognitions, the PQRP has been revised.  Substantive revisions have been made to some requirements for each of the three recognition levels, as well as, score allocations for some requirements and electives.  Further, non-substantive edits have been made for consistency, structure, and format.

The revised “Performance Quality Recognition Program Guide” and Performance Quality Recognition Program Application (Form VTR-004) are attached for your review and use.  Both documents are located at

Your achievements and efforts deserve recognition, and I invite each of you to apply, or reapply, to receive recognition for providing quality registration and titling services to the motoring public.

Thank you,

Roland Luna, Sr., Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


If you have any questions concerning this communication, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.



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Performance Quality Recognition Program Information

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