Reminder Notification: Texas.Gov Payment Services: reports email update (06/17/2024 @ 10:35 AM)

  Safelist New Payment Services E-mail Addresses
        To Ensure Delivery of Automated Reports Payment Services is advising county users who administer the IVTRS and TXT program
to prepare for upcoming changes to sender e-mail addresses for automated reports from the
Transaction Processing Engine (TPE) Admin, the payment services reporting application.

At the county level, online VTR credit card activity is frequently reconciled with automated reports
delivered by e-mail to tax office staff directly from TPE Admin (Payment Engine NIC). County users
who rely on receiving automated reports, such as Batch Summary, Batch Detail, Net Revenue
Detail, Return Detail, and Refund Detail, are most likely to need to take action.

To ensure that any scheduled automated reports continue to be delivered without issue,
Payment Services encourages county users who receive automated reports from TPE Admin to
safelist the new sender e-mail addresses. Please reference the “Outlook-Safelist-How-To” attachment
on this bulletin which will provide step-by-step instructions on how to “safelist” an email.

Texas.Gov Payment Services

The updated sender email addresses are a consequence of the acquisition of Texas NIC, the current Payment Services provider, by Tyler Technologies, Inc. Payment Services e-mail, including
automated reports for online VTR credit card transactions, will no longer be sent from

The new sender e-mail addresses will go into effect after close of business on June 17th.

Thank you,

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division

Source: Tax Assessor-Collectors
Reminder Notification: Texas.Gov Payment Services: reports email update (06/17/2024 @ 10:35 AM)

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