RTS Release Notes 9.5.1

Good afternoon,

Over the weekend of January 31, 2020, the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) updated the Registration and Title System (RTS) with Release 9.5.1 that contains the content summarized below. 


  • The U.S. Paratrooper Special plate
  • The NMVTIS Inquiry Error report change
  • Farm Trailer plates
  • Houston Rockets and Dallas Mavericks specialty plates no longer available


Defects Resolved:

  • Specialty plate fee for expired 10-year MyPlates plate now calculates correctly
  • Barcode page for specialty plates scanning properly
  • Dealer’s GDN now validates against eLicensing
  • Specialty plate fee for 10-year MyPlates plate double charge is fixed
  • Odometer reading no longer defaults to EXEMPT
  • Corrected Title Rejection on an Off-Highway Use Only Vehicle
  • Corrected Title on an Off-Highway Use Only Vehicle

Please note: For your convenience RTS Release Notes 9.5.1 are attached. For detailed information about the items listed above, additional enhancements and issue resolutions after the release has been deployed, please refer to the TAC Hub (www.txdmv.gov/tax-assessor-collectors).

Thank you,

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division



Source: Tax Assessor-Collectors
RTS Release Notes 9.5.1

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