Titles Misprinted With Beneficiary Remark

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Registration and Title System (RTS) Release 9.1.0 introduced functionality allowing a beneficiary to be designated on the Texas title.  A defect in Release 9.1.0 caused the BENEFICIARY remark to print on all titles printed May 22 – May 25, despite there being no intention to designate and record a beneficiary on the title record.  The BENFICIARY remark was printed without a beneficiary’s name.  This misprint affected all batch-printed title types, not only regular certificates of title, including salvage, nonrepairable, certificates of authority to demolish, and some certified copies of titles.

This defect is fixed, and the BENEFICIARY remark only appears when a beneficiary designation is recorded in RTS.  When a beneficiary designation is applied to a motor vehicle record, the BENEFICIARY remark will be printed on the title along with the beneficiary’s name.

The misprinted BENEFICIARY remark does not affect the validity of the title or the ability of the vehicle to be sold, transferred, or encumbered.  These titles are valid and will not be reissued.

Thank you,

Jeremiah Kuntz, Director
Vehicle Titles and Registration Division
Texas Department of Motor Vehicles


If you have any questions concerning this communication, please contact your local TxDMV Regional Service Center.


Source: Dealers and Manufacturers
Titles Misprinted With Beneficiary Remark

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