TxDMV Advisory Committees

The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles (TxDMV) is looking for individuals interested in serving as members on one of its five new advisory committees that may be created. Advisory committees provide recommendations to the board and executive director on rules and policy issues related to TxDMV.

The new advisory committees that TxDMV may create include:

  1. Consumer Protection – may advise on investigation and enforcement topics, including vehicle titles and registration fraud; lemon law; the warranty performance program; and other consumer protection topics.
  2. Customer Service – may advise on topics related to improving and enhancing department customer service, including infrastructure; new customer service initiatives; policy and process improvements; and technology.
  3. Motor Carrier Regulation – may advise on topics related to regulation of the motor carrier industry. 
  4. Motor Vehicle Industry  may advise on topics related to regulation of the motor vehicle industry. 
  5. Vehicle Titles & Registration – may advise on topics related to vehicle titles and registration.

Anyone wishing to apply for an advisory committee may complete the Application.

If you have any questions about applying to be an advisory committee member, email appointments@txdmv.gov.


Source: Dealers and Manufacturers
TxDMV Advisory Committees

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