TxDMV Board Meeting – April 1, 2021

Board Meeting Thursday, April 1, 2021 – 8:00 a.m. via telephone conference call using Webex or the toll free number below. If you have any technical questions about accessing the meeting, please send an email to Board.Tech.Help@txdmv.gov.

Instructions for accessing the meeting via Webex:
Phone number for accessing the meeting via phone:
United States Toll Free: 1-844-740-1264
Event number/Access code: 133 521 0375
Event Passcode: 040121

Link to Meeting Agenda

TxDMV Board, committee, and advisory committee meetings are open to the public. However, all public participation on April 1 will be remote via telephone conference call due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Visit the TxDMV Board page for meeting agendas, material, public comment registration form, and transcripts here: https://www.txdmv.gov/about-us/txdmv-board-meetings.

Commenters must send an email to GCO_General@txdmv.gov or call (512) 465-5665 with one of the following prior to the agenda item being taken up:
1. a completed Public Comment Registration Form; or
2. the following information:
    a. the agenda item you wish to comment on;
    b. your name;
    c. your address (optional), including city, state, and zip code; and
    d. who you are representing.


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TxDMV Board Meeting – April 1, 2021

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