Informational: webDealer "file is damaged" error message (04/20/2022 4:06PM)

Good afternoon,

TxDMV IT Support is aware that some users are experiencing a “file is damaged” error message
when scanning documents as intended attachments to title transactions in webDealer.

Please be aware that this error is not due to a webDealer application issue. 

This error is due to title document attachments being scanned in at too high a resolution setting,
resulting in a very large document attachment file size.


To avoid this error, it is recommended that you scan title documents at a lower resolution setting
on your scanner device, resulting in a smaller document attachment file size. 

Ideally, each scanned title document attachment should be less 200dpi or 7.5MB.

Thank you,


Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division



Source: Dealers and Manufacturers
Informational: webDealer "file is damaged" error message (04/20/2022 4:06PM)

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