Update: webDealer "file is damaged" error message (04/21/2022 7:55AM)

**UPDATE**This message is to update the information in the recommendation section below.  Please note the corrected dpi and file size recommendation.  Sorry for any confusion caused by the previous message.


Good morning,

TxDMV IT Support is aware that some users are experiencing a “file is damaged” error message when scanning documents as intended attachments to title transactions in webDealer.

Please be aware that this error is not due to a webDealer application issue. 

This error is due to title document attachments being scanned in at too high a resolution setting, resulting in a very large document attachment file size.


To avoid this error, it is recommended that you scan title documents at a lower resolution setting on your scanner device, resulting in a smaller document attachment file size. 

Each scanned title document attachment must be at least 200dpi or 7.5MB and ideally no more than 300dpi or 10MB.


Thank you,

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles
IT Services Division



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Update: webDealer "file is damaged" error message (04/21/2022 7:55AM)

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