Temporary Tags: Maximum Limits and Denial of Access Rules Approved

At the January 27, 2022 meeting, the Board approved rules implementing House Bill 3927, enacted by the 87th Texas Legislature. 

These new rules will eliminate the ability to illegally print unlimited numbers of temporary tags for criminal activity, while ensuring legitimate dealers have the number of temporary tags required to support their business.

Further, if a dealer decides to engage in fraudulent activity, the new rules allow TxDMV to immediately deny that dealer access to the temporary tag database.

System development is underway to add the approved annual maximum tag limits to eTAG, the online system used to issue temporary tags.  A separate annual maximum tag limit will be set for each temporary tag type. 

TxDMV will send out a notice to dealers and converters when the 2022 maximum tag allowances are loaded into eTAG.   Once this data is available, dealers and converters will be able to view their temporary tag usage compared to their annual maximum tag limits each time they login to eTAG.

Dealers and converters will be able to request an increase in an annual maximum temporary tag limit once 50% of the existing maximum has been used for that temporary tag type. 

Additional information and training resources will also be added to TxDMV.gov, the department’s website.

The denial of access rules and the maximum tag rules may be viewed here.


Monique Johnston                                             Brian Ge
Director, Motor Vehicle                                    Managing Attorney, Enforcement



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Temporary Tags: Maximum Limits and Denial of Access Rules Approved

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